Pop the Big Question

The answer may be obvious or perhaps it may be awkward; but if someone were to pop the big question, what would you say?

The big question is “what gives your life meaning?

You probably didn’t say “my iPad” or “my designer purse.” Those are material possessions that have a value, but do not add value to your life. I haven’t heard of a birthday party for an iPad or an anniversary dinner with a purse. That would be pretty ridiculous. It’s unfortunate that only in a time of devastation do we see and understand what gives our lives meaning. Life is not stuff. 

Consumerism and the excess of material possessions makes people happy for a moment. It is wonderful to show off the new shiny things that you just bought. Perhaps you buy it in order to fit in or perhaps it’s because making other people jealous makes you feel good.

But if there is no one around, does the new shiny thing still give you the same joy? Also, did you buy it with a credit card (AKA money-that’s-not-yours)?

Back to the big question: what gives your life meaning?

  • Spending time with family, friends, and loved ones.
  • Enjoying the special events and moments in life.

Cut the noise and distractions. Focus on yourself and the answer to the big question. Add value to yourself and ditch the other stuff. True happiness is there.


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