It’s just a plain white mug

plain white mugEver since I decided to begin the journey to become a minimalist, I’ve been taking glasses and mugs out of my cupboard. Packing is day 3 in the journey.

I live by myself. Yet, I have over a dozen coffee mugs of varying sizes. I collected most of them when I was a flight attendant. They were souvenirs from trips to Seattle, San Francisco, and San Diego.

There is even one plain white mug. Seeing that it is only a plain white mug, it really has no significance to the average person; however, I remember where I bought this plain white mug.

I bought the mug in Manchester, New Hampshire when I was a flight attendant. I was flying with a friend, Todd, and we had an overnight in Manchester. We had an assortment of Bailey’s, Kahlua, and other alcohol minis that we wanted to mix with coffee. So we went to a local store and bought mugs. Enter the plain white mug into my life. We went back to the hotel and had one of those crazy flight attendant nights that you’ve probably heard about: we ate pizza, watched Jeopardy, and drank our special coffees. Yeah, those were the days.

A decade later, the plain white mug has no value. It’s the story that I enjoy the most, and it only has significance to me. Since I don’t need the mug to tell the story, it’s time to let the mug go. It’s time to let them all go.

The memories will last.

So, yes, over the past week or so, the mugs and glasses have come out one by one. I still have matching set of glasses left and a few coffee mugs. But I also have a lot more space in my cupboard.

I think I’m going to like having the extra room.


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