Packing it up

Packing upI created a grand plan to reduce the clutter or “decrapification” of my second bedroom. I didn’t plan a party because I knew that it required more than simply boxing things up. Some of the items had moved from Philly to Columbus to Hilliard to Westerville to Worthington and back to Columbus. Of course, through all the moves, more stuff was accumulated.

I’ve made my second bedroom sound like a massive hoard. Fortunately, this is not the case. I’ve never been in any immediate danger of stuff falling and crushing me. I don’t have a litter of kittens running around that I’ve never seen.

The room is not a hazard. It’s all paper and little stuff. And there are hundreds and hundreds of photos. It’s all unorganized and in random unmarked boxes. Most of it can be tossed or donated.

So the delve began on Monday. It’s pretty easy to part with stuff that I haven’t looked at or used in years. I boxed up the majority of books, and I boxed up random knick knacks and items that someone else could use.

At the end of the night, most of the big stuff was packed and ready to go. The second bedroom spilled into the dining room, and the place looked like a disaster area.

Understandingly, I was overwhelmed and just wanted all of it to be gone. But I know that no big change is ever immediate. It’s only the beginning of the journey.


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