Re-learning how to be Free

baby meWhen I was growing up, my parents always introduced both my sister and me to new things. I took gymnastic and dance classes, piano, saxophone, flying, golf, and tennis lessons. I only stuck with saxophone and tennis lessons, but I could say that I at least tried other things. And as an adult, I am thankful that I had these opportunities as a kid.

I stopped trying new things when I got older. I believe that there is an unsaid prescribed path, which includes the cessation of childhood or young adult fun. I was able to do a lot of traveling as a flight attendant, but I got away from the activities that I grew up with.

Six years ago, I was extremely unhappy with my life. Five years ago, I did something about it.

Learning how to be free again came as a present from someone who is a lifelong best friend. Unbeknownst to my friend, the gift certificate for ballroom dance lessons was a new beginning.

When I was taking ballroom dance lessons, I remembered how much my life revolved around music and performances when I was younger. I desperately wanted to get back to having these life experiences.

I still had my saxophone and still knew how to play, so I contacted a couple community bands. Unfortunately, their saxophone sections were filled. So I started looking at community choruses. I had taken a musical theatre dance class in college and was in my high school’s chorus. I had even taken voice lessons because they were offered to me for free. Joining a community chorus seemed to be a great fit.

Yes, I was nervous when I went to the first rehearsal. But being nervous is being human. I figured that everyone else was there because they loved to sing, so already we had that one thing in common.

I received a few comments from other people questioning and making fun of my decision to sing in a group. I didn’t care about their opinions, so I rid those people from my life. Their thoughts didn’t matter because at the end of the day I needed to be happy with me.

The decision to join a community chorus was life changing. I’ve met the most wonderful people and have a strong network of friends. I even met my boyfriend!

I seize all opportunities and search for new things to try. When I’m 70 years old, my bucket list will be very short because I will have already lived each and every day of my life.


2 thoughts on “Re-learning how to be Free

  1. I’ve recently starting singing again as well – I moved to a new area where I didn’t know a single soul, and ended up joining both a church choir and a community choir. It is great fun and a brilliant way to get to know the locals. But there’s no chance of meeting a prospective new boyfriend in the choirs, though – there isn’t a single member who isn’t at least twice my age! ;)

    1. This is great to hear! The community chorus that I was involved in had the same problem. It was (and still is) a group for older people. I ended up becoming the publicity coordinator, so I put out a younger vibe, which attracted young professionals. This new, younger group of people became very good friends, and yes, my boyfriend was in the mix!

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