I love Twice: the online marketplace for secondhand fashion

TwiceWordmark-RGB-Black12 pants, 4 dresses, 5 skirts, and 2 tops – I sent these items to Twice and received $76 in return. Awesome!

When I mentioned that I had throw-away clothing to donate, I also said that I had high-end brands that I didn’t simply want to donate. There are numerous consignment and buy-back stores in Columbus, such as Rag-O-Rama and Plato’s Closet. But I didn’t know what to expect with going to either store.

I was looking for some sort of sheet to display the possible price range for each of my brands: J.Crew, Banana Republic, The Gap. Neither website offers this information. I understand that the rates could be fluctuating, but a general idea would be nice.

Thanks to Facebook’s user-based advertising, I saw an ad for Twice. This company, which was founded in 2012, is “the first concierge-style online marketplace for secondhand fashion.” They buy gently-used, high-end brands upfront and sell them online.

Twice is basically an online thrift store, but so much better!

Rather than looking through rack-upon-rack of similarly colored clothing with the hopes of finding a high-end brand, Twice is nothing but the brands that I am looking to buy. Of course, since the clothing is gently used, all of the items are offered at 70- to 90-percent off of the retail price.

How it works

  1. Create an account at liketwice.com
  2. Use the “Sell” link to Request a Bag or Print a Label
  3. Gather and pack your clothes to ship
  4. Drop off the package at the post office
  5. Wait for your offer (1-2 weeks)

The sell page on the Twice website lists the brands they accept and the ones they don’t accept. And it also provides a price calculator to help you estimate how much money that you may receive for your items. Of course, the more you send, the more you will get in return.

My Sell to Twice
IIMG_2537 requested a bag and received it in the mail in just a couple days. Then, I rolled up all of my items – 12 pants, 4 dresses, 5 skirts, and 2 tops – and put them in the bag. (Roll items when you pack a suitcase. You’ll fit more stuff in it.) Five business days passed before I received the offer, and whoa! was I surprised: $76.00!

It’s like finding cash in my closet except I didn’t have to go through all of my pockets.

To encourage the seller to buy other items from their website, Twice will add 25-percent to the offer if the seller chooses to add the offered amount to her account as a credit. That’s an awesome deal as well! So you can guess what I did. I basically went shopping on the Twice site for free. Free is good!

Twice - CongratsShopping at Twice
Browsing through Twice’s online store is just like shopping online any place else. All of the items have been professionally photographed, and the item you are viewing is the same one you will receive.

Everything that is in the store is unique, so if you see something you like, add it to your cart. Twice is different than regular online stores because there is not a stock of one item in multiple sizes and colors from which you can pick and choose. If there are multiple sizes of one style, each item will be listed separately.

Once you put an item in your cart, it is removed from the main list of shirts, for example, so there is no chance that someone can buy it out from under you. Your shopping cart will stay active for one hour. After that time, if no purchase has been made, the items will be added back to the main list.

You can learn more information by visiting www.liketwice.com. And if you use the following link, you can help me buy a new dress for summer and you’ll instantly get $10 added to your account: https://www.liketwice.com/Uf7VP. (Thank you!)

Don’t worry. I won’t be over filling up my closet again. I’ve learned my less. It’s quality over quantity. I’m only adding quality items that will make for a much better wardrobe. Since these items are made better than the throwaway things, I’ll have them for a while.


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