Beware: decluttering is pretty contagious

I’m excited that my blog has inspired others to reaccess their belongings and to get rid of stuff. By writing about my experience, I have discovered that decluttering is pretty contagious!

Erin is my super fan. She told me that she wants to post on my Facebook wall every time she gets rid of something. That’s awesome! The photo below is the back of her car filled with stuff to donate to Goodwill. With this photo, she said, “I am ashamed and relieved.” Erin also signed up for Twice and earned almost $90 for the clothes she sent in. Good deal!

Erin’s car is filled!

My parents have also been decluttering. My mom said that she prints out the checklists I post on Facebook and puts them up around the house as reminders. My dad said that he has gone through their cupboards as well to get rid of and donate extra mugs and glasses. (As I write this post, I am now hoping that my mom still has a glass to pour a drink into!)

My coworker, Angela, told me that she has begun purging stuff as well. At work, we talk about what to do with the cards both she and her daughter receive and the pictures her daughter draws at school. My suggestion for the cards is to scan them. It’s nice to have them displayed; however, when she’s done, simply scan them and save them on her computer.

For her daughter’s pictures, I suggested that Angela use 3M Command hooks (yes, I love these). She could stick the hooks to the wall in sets of two. Put a string (or similar) between them. Then, use clothes pins or clips to attach the pictures. Of course, when she is done displaying them, she can scan them to her computer.

Angela says, “For less than $5 I turned my empty basement wall into my daughter’s art gallery!”

My friends, Gina and Tabitha, have said that they started their journeys to minimalism in the past year as well. And Gina said that it makes her think more before she buys something.

Eric has even begun attacking his piles of clothes. (He easily has 4 times more clothing items than me now.) And he is reassessing the necessities versus the niceties. His progress is slow, but at least it has begun.

Eric’s to-do list

Minimalism is a little more than just a good spring cleaning. As Gina told me, it is about thinking before you buy. She has also said that she’s saved a lot of money by not buying random things. Saving money is always a good thing!

Again, minimalism can be interpreted in many different ways. For me, it’s about appreciating the things I have and focusing on what is most important: family, friends, and life experiences.

A big THANK YOU to everyone who reads my blog posts and supports this journey!


7 thoughts on “Beware: decluttering is pretty contagious

  1. De-cluttering is contagious! I’ve been at it for several years since marrying but just started this year asking if others wanted to go along with me. I was shocked at how many people took me up on the offer.

  2. Brilliant post.It is always the best feeling ever when you see people getting inspired by your thoughts. I just checked out your blog and it seems, you’re doing one heck of a job! Keep up. I am glad to have found another partner in this journey of minimalism. You’ve got your a great little blog here. :)

    Would love a feedback from you on my blog about Minimalism and Simplicity. Keep reading, keep writing and keep minimizing!



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