Picking up the little things

IMG_2731It’s been a month since I started decluttering my apartment, and I feel that I am mostly done.  I initially thought that I could accomplish all of this in one day. I was wrong! I’ve gone through the different emotions of being excited to overwhelmed to relieved. Now, I am extremely happy.

Last Saturday, I spent about four more hours moving things around and throwing stuff out. Yes, it’s hard to believe that I can find more stuff to pitch. For the past month, my dining room has been the sorting-organizing-throwing area. So, it’s been a big mess.

I had broken IKEA drawers in my closet taking up space in my dining room, so I carried it out to my garage. I was also sorting stuff on a set of metal shelves. They went out to the garage as well. More boxes and papers went to the recycling bin, and I even made up a new box of random household items to take Goodwill.

Decluttering the kitchen

Out went silverware, decorative candleholders that were collecting dust, and other kitchen items that were taking up counter space. I threw out pans that had rust spots and an excess of plastic containers. I also donated an extra large colander that I didn’t like using because it was too big.

After I finished pulling things I out, I cleaned the spaces that was left. It was nice to have my counters back and nice to have cupboards that were bursting to be opened. It was also nice not to have more forks, knives, and spoons than I actually needed. I used more of the 3M Command hooks to hang up my reusable grocery bags and my potholders. It’s nice to have everything in its proper space.

Helping Hands

I ran into one of my neighbors as I was taking my donation items from my back porch to my car. The nice older man saw that I was carrying stuff and quickly offered to carry the bags for me. He dropped the items next to my car and headed back toward the apartments.

I stayed at my car a minute longer to load the bags in and make room for a couple boxes that I had filled. When I finally closed the door and looked up, my neighbor was carrying one of the boxes to me. It was the nicest thing! I didn’t fill the box enough to make it heavy because I knew I had to carry it. I thanked him profusely and asked for his name, since we had never properly met. He said, “My name is Gabriel – like the angel.”

That made me smile.


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