Meeting the Minimalists

I’m very excited… I get to see Joshua Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, aka The Minimalists, this week! Reading their blog,, inspired me to begin my journey to a minimalist lifestyle and to write this blog.

The Minimalists –

Joshua and Ryan are on a 100-city tour celebrating and sharing their new book, Everything That Remains, and they are making their way back to Ohio.

Since I’m in the SNAP! performance next week, I won’t be able to see The Minimalists in Columbus, so I’m heading to Cincinnati on Friday. I’m making a day of it!

I asked my friend, Catherine, to take the 90-minute drive with me to Cincy. We are going to stop at IKEA to look around. No, I don’t plan on buying anything. I definitely don’t need shelves! I just like looking around and seeing how everything is nice and neat. None of the living room, bedroom, or kitchen displays are teeming with cups and mugs and clothes. Everything has its place. (Of course, another benefit to going to IKEA is the swedish meatballs.)

In the short time that I have been writing this blog, I have inspired others to declutter, and I have read many other blogs on the same subject. It’s a wonderful, instant connection, and it’s fascinating to see so many people who are also at different stages of this journey.

Watch my Facebook page, The Minimalist March, on Friday. I’ll be sure to post a picture from the Everything That Remains tour!


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