Many Thanks and the Top 5 Reads

I’ve had to take a little bit of a break from writing for the past week and a half because I’m preparing to be in a show in Columbus. Opening night is tomorrow! I have a great passion for music, and it is quite humbling to sing on stage with a group of extremely talented people.

Many thanks to everyone who has recently followed my blog. I promise that I will be catching up with you in the near future! It is wonderful to have such a great community of people who are worldwide. Every day, I read more about other people’s journeys towards minimalism, and I learn how people live simpler lives. Inspiration comes from everywhere.

Speaking of inspiration, Joshua Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus will be in Columbus on Thursday at The Book Loft in German Village. Since I’m in a show when they are here, I drove down to Cincinnati last Friday to hear them speak. I am a big fan! I was especially glad that a friend of mine got to go with me. It was great experience to share.

I have been writing about my journey for two months now, and I feel that I have so much more to share in time. However, if you’re new to reading my blog, here are the top five posts:

  1. Beware: decluttering is pretty contagious
  2. Derailing my thoughts on a purchase
  3. The Throw-away Clothing
  4. I love Twice: the online marketplace for secondhand fashion
  5. Everything that Remains – The Minimalists in Cincinnati

If you have a question or would like me to write about a specific topic, please leave a comment below. Thank you for your support, as well as your inspiration!


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