My one night stand…

the shoesI have totally had a one night stand too… with shoes!

Last month, I set up a photo shoot with two pairs that I wore only once last year. I took pictures of each pair so I could sell them on eBay. Interestingly enough, both pairs of heels were both worn at the same event because I changed outfits. What the hell was I thinking?! My head was definitely not in the right place.

Minimalist Sometimes

Oh how I love these, but I just can’t…

Now, get you mind out of the gutter, this is not what you think ;) This is all about a pair of shoes.. Yes that’s right.. A pair of shoes!


Christmas party 2007, Houston, Texas. I got invited to my company’s Christmas party in Houston. I had been over there for 4 months, and when I packed for my couple of months trip to help out the IT department, I couldn’t have dreamed up needing to pack for a Christmas party…

So I went shopping :) and found these gorgeous silver “oh my gosh how high heels” shoes, that I just had to have.

I have no idea what I was thinking… I’m a typical tomboy, you know, flat shoes, barefoot kinda girl, so what was I thinking buying such high heels? I should have known they would kill me…

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