The greatest Father’s Day gift ever… It’s not what you think

From Essential Homme Magazine

I got mad while I was listening to the radio this morning because commercial after commercial talked about shopping for Father’s Day.

You need to buy this. Dad has always wanted this thing. We have everything that Dad needs and wants.

Nothing is more impersonal than a manufactured gift that was mass produced to appeal to a general population. There is a reason why Dad’s don’t like the mugs, t-shirts, socks and ties. They’re just things that have no value. These things are default gifts which say, “I didn’t know what to get you, so I bought this.”

Before you hit the store to buy a I-totally-forgot-it-was-Father’s-Day gift and a I-think-this-sums-up-our-relationship card, think about how your Dad has influenced your life. Think about the things you liked to do together when you were growing up. Does a card or $$ gift do your Dad justice?

There is only one thing that you could possibly give to show your Dad how much he means to you… Your time. It’s the single best Father’s Day present that you could ever give.

Go fishing. Go go-cart racing. Go play a round a golf. Go to a movie. Play video games.

If you are in Columbus, go make something at the Columbus Idea Foundry (which looks super cool by the way)!

The experience will last a lifetime, and the memories will be more valuable than anything you will ever own.


5 thoughts on “The greatest Father’s Day gift ever… It’s not what you think

  1. Great advice for people who live close enough to “dad” to be able to spend time with him on Father’s Day. Sometimes that’s not possible.

    1. I live a 17-hour drive away from my parents, so I’ll call my Dad on Father’s Day. He loves a nice, long phone conversation! Because of the distance, my family saves up all of our holidays for when we see each other. We usually go out for a special lunch or dinner and get a treat for dessert.

    2. It can also be tricky for those have less than stellar relationships with their dad. I will be spending time with my dad, but I have their others who may have some problems in that area.

      1. It could be an opportunity to try a new experience together. Lunch or coffee with conversation is more personal.

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