Guest Post: Consumer Happiness Wears off Fast

Please be sure to follow Polina’s blog, My Light Bag! I was featured as a guest on her blog in May, which was very exciting.

I love reading other blogs by minimalists and seeing how they have interpreted “less is more.” Thank you for being a wonderful community!

My Light Bag

Every week I invite a fellow simple-liver to tell us about their lifestyle.
This week, Dianna tells us about how minimalism transformed her attitude to consumption.

Dianna Williams lives in Columbus, Ohio, USA. She is a creative, with web graphic design, photography, singing, ballroom dancing, improvisational acting and writing among her many talents. Dianna blogs about minimalism at and inspires friends, family and people across the world with her journey.

How would you describe your simple-living lifestyle?

My simple-living lifestyle is a work in progress. Earlier this year, I read about The Minimalists, Joshua Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, and I got to meet them earlier this month. I realized that many of my ideas fall in line with the minimalist lifestyle. I already focused on having quality relationships and experiences, and I had begun to recognize that the happiness involved with buying something wears off fast. I am…

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