I Lost a Few Things in June of 2014

The new WayfarersI haven’t contributed to my blog since July of last year, but it’s not because I gave up trying to be a minimalist. Everything is going quite well. It’s just that life just happened.

I lost a few things at the end of June 2014: my red Ray Ban Wayfarers and my job.

I was really upset that I lost those Ray Bans. I think they fell out of my bag when I was on campus. I remember that it was raining outside, but I still I retraced my steps that evening. I searched through my car and checked under the desk that I had been sitting at.

I was so upset about losing them that I went out to LensCrafters immediately and bought a new pair. They didn’t have the same red Wayfarers, so I had to settle with something new. I really like purple, so I got purple ones. Even with the new Ray Bans on my face, I was still pretty unsettled. I couldn’t figure how or where I had lost them. I even shed a tear about it, which was so silly. I had had them for almost year, and I did my best to keep them nice. They were the most expensive sunglasses I had ever bought. So, yeah, I was really upset when I lost them.

Oh yeah… the job

My job, on the other hand, I was not upset about losing. I was employed by the same small business for seven years, and the majority of that time was quite toxic. The company was sold to a larger business, and my co-worker and I were not given any notice. We were also not provided with any severance pay.

Most people would be devastated, but I was not. A huge weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. I felt free! I know that it’s probably hard to imagine being happy about losing a job. But I only had two cats to feed, so everything was going to be okay.

The new company needed the knowledge in my head, so they gave me contract work for three weeks. I sat on my back porch and completed my work for them last July. They were very pleasant to work with and expressed gratitude, which was new to me in regards to a work environment. I was trusted and appreciated, and that meant the world to me.

A new pain-free me

Pill boxI wasn’t upset about losing my job. The toxic environment was taking it’s toll on me.

I ran into my friend, Petrel, that third week of July, and I mentioned that I had lost my job. During our conversation, I said that my lower back pain had gone away. For more than two years, I had suffered on and off with severe pain – the kind that takes your breath away. Within a two weeks, it was mostly gone.

My friend said, “that must be where you hold your stress.”

I had never thought of it before.

In April 2013, I went to a chiropractor and was told that I had degenerative disc disease, which is not really a disease. I was at my chiropractor was an adjustment every month after the initial appointment. Sometimes, it was twice a month. Sometimes, it was twice in the same week. I was told of the medical reason for my pain, but I had never thought about the psychological reason.

All of the sudden it was gone. Granted, the condition is degenerative, which means it gets worse with age, so I wasn’t 100% cured. It was just that my stress was gone, and I felt as if I could do back flips.

So I guess you can say that I lost three things last summer: my red Ray Bans, my job, and my back pain. I was getting ready for a big win, though, and everything was going to be so much better.


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