I love Twice: the online marketplace for secondhand fashion

12 pants, 4 dresses, 5 skirts, and 2 tops – I sent these items to Twice and received $76 in return. Awesome! When I mentioned that I had throw-away clothing to donate, I also said that I had high-end brands that I didn’t simply want to donate. There are numerous consignment and buy-back stores in … More I love Twice: the online marketplace for secondhand fashion

The SPAM and Spend

Early last year, I started unsubscribing from every marketing email that I received in my inbox. These were the emails from my favorite stores. It starts with an innocent question at the checkout: can I get your email address? Sure, I’d rattle off one of my email addresses without thinking about it. Suddenly, my inbox was inundated … More The SPAM and Spend

Miscellaneous Crap

People have words that they don’t like. Even as you read that sentence, you probably thought of your word. Well, the new word that I don’t like is miscellaneous. I used this less-than descriptive word on several of the boxes that were at the bottom of my second bedroom’s closet. It’s no wonder that I didn’t … More Miscellaneous Crap